The Safest, Fastest, Least Expensive Asset Exchange Available.

The Safest, Fastest, Least Expensive Asset Exchange Available.

Convert over 45 leading assets to any other instantly and anonymously. Protection by design, no account needed!

Unlike other digital cryptocurrency exchanges, you do not need an account. Your funds go immediately from blockchain to blockchain so no currency or data gets stored on our servers. Just choose which cryptocurrency you would like to convert and send your funds. Read More...

We are powered by the most trusted exchanges on the market. We instantly query the mining fees from all of our affiliate exchanges and find the best rate which then gets passed on to you! We do not store any data on our servers and we are neither the creator nor the administrator of any Virtual Currency. We simply act as an aggregator and intermediary between you and the various virtual currency exchanges across the globe.

We are comprised of a team of professionals who share your passion and excitement for cryptocurrency. We understand your concerns about integrity and security. This is why we strive to be transparent and open and hold an excellent standing in the community. We'd love to hear from you and will always respond to legitimate questions or comments. Your success using our product is paramount to maintaining a positive reputation and any feedback, good or bad, is taken extremely seriously.

We are also the least expensive exchange around. Your conversion fees will simply be the network mining fees set by each individual blockchain at the time of the transaction. That's It! Once you use and see how fast and inexpensive it is, you will never go back to anything else :)

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